The Sketchbook Project 2013 by Art House Co-op

My original drawings on this sketchbook will be on tour in 2013. I have this 32-page blank sketchbook here. I will fill up those pages with my drawings and illustrations. Anyone who is in town where my sketchbook comes can see my original work. I will keep putting scanned work on this page until then. I will announce more details when the tour schedule is finalized!

front cover

sketchbook-cover-for-webpage 1

page-1-for-webpage 2~3

pageb-2,3-for-webpage 4~5

page-4,5-for-webpage 6~7

page-6,7-for-webpage 8~9

page-8~9-for-webpage 10~11


page 12~13

page-12~13-for-webpage 14~15

page-14~15-for-webpage 16~17

page-16~17-for-webpage 18~19

page-18~19-for-webpage 20~21

page-20~21-for-webpage  22~23

page-22~23-for-webpage 24~25

page-24~25-for-webpage 26~27

page-26~27-for-webpage 28~29

page-28~29-for-webpage 30~31

page-30~31-for-webpage 32, a note

page-32-and-cover-inside-for-webback cover



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