These are my latest art work.  You can also go to behance or cargocollective to see my old work.


These are my feet. The original photo was used for my facebook cover.

a man and his dog

I was at a cafe and saw a man walking with his dog.

in the woods

When I was in Japan, I saw a wild fox.

Smiler (smile)

“I decide to go out and buy something that will make me think about nice things, or preferably just smile.” from Naïve. Super by Erlend Loe. My favorite book.

One winter

I got an inspiration when I was listening to music by Graph Rabbit.

Plastic Pigs

An idea from my dream journal. I was in Summer camp on the shore. I saw my friend, a  huge mother pig and her baby pigs running. Those pigs were made of plastic. They were running so hard. When the plastic mother pig was just about passing my friend, I woke up……

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